It’s late morning now and time to meditate. Weeks ago I put down my pen, so to speak, and haven’t felt the urge to write since. I wondered why for only a minute, because I was certain the inclination would come again; when? well, that was anybody’s guess. Used to be times like this would cause me high levels of anxiety, but I’ve learned my writings are inspired by awareness. “Just keep doing what you do,” was always the message. “It will come.”Mars Bar

I had to laugh when the image of a ‘Mars’ candy bar came into view on my mental screen during my meditation. I was experiencing a new level of awareness, oh just glimpses really; which is not unusual in the beginning of a new awareness. I struggled to fill in the blanks; I wanted the whole experience, and that’s when the familiar chocolate and caramel Mars bar made an appearance – I even caught a whiff of its sweet chocolatey smell.

Heaven is not a place or a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness. A Course in Miracles

Okay, the Mars bar reference is unique to me, to my quirky childhood idiosyncrasy of dissecting a candy bar while eating it. I didn’t just consume it with a few bites, no; I licked the chocolate first, and then chewed away at the caramel…ah, what a memory. It seems I am reaching a new level of awareness called Oneness. The candy bar vision was important because I am leaving behind the art of ‘separating’ the whole (chocolate or caramel or nougat) and stepping back from that ego habit of seeing separate bodies with personalities that are different from mine, to seeing God’s wholeness in my brothers and sisters.

“What is the real meaning of Oneness?” was the question that seemed to occupy the rest of my day. Looking back I now see how I was leaning in the direction of Oneness; quotes from notable spiritual healers catching my eye by way of Twitter, Facebook, and multiple spiritual sites I frequented come to mind as I think the idea of Oneness through. One stuck out from the pack; each capitalized word resonating somewhere deep within my soul has become my daily mantra.

I am here to Serve. I am here to Inspire. I am here to Love. I am here to live my Truth. Deepak Chopra

Forgiving my ego thoughts over and over and over again prepared the soil for planting new seeds of awareness. Wow! When the student is ready! That thought just gave me goose bumps! Focusing on Deepak’s message allowed me to move in the direction of my Truth; to serve, to inspire, and to love all!

God is always a choice in my mind! Through forgiveness I am saying ‘no’ to my other choice; the ego, and doing the work necessary to remove the blocks to God’s presence, and the natural awareness of Oneness. The physical world is only a mirror reflecting back to me the belief I have about myself; guilt and fear or Oneness and love. In this moment there’s still a choice, but eventually, we will all be one with God. When? Ah, that’s the unanswered question. I chose this lifetime and this physical world to witness some form of Oneness. I also chose A Course in Miracles as the vehicle to get me there; however there are many paths to Oneness; ACIM is the shortcut…hey, just saying!

Yeah! Oneness is real and it’s in my future it seems! I don’t know how far I will get…that remains a mystery. My best guess is that the whole of Oneness is further away than I am able to see right now, but if I continue to choose forgiveness; which I will, and experience Oneness more and more, the world will reflect God’s love more and more. And that’s okay; glimpses taste Mars bar sweet…and that’s good enough!

When I write these words and read them back I realize it all sounds so easy; like the snap of my fingers easy…it’s not. It is true though, the further along I go, the more miracles I see, and my transition into Heaven; where the awareness of Oneness is in my sights…IS made easier.

If you haven’t made a commitment to begin the lessons – do it today, you won’t be sorry.

Te quiero. Joey

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Last Modified: November 27, 2013