I am writing this post in stages for a reason. I wanted to ‘show’ how a new vision of awareness takes me soaring to new heights, and how from this new vantage point, the lesson I’ve been grappling to understand its meaning, comes in with a whoosh, so quick that I sometimes take a literal Marionettestep back, yelling ‘aha’ as my eyes water from the God Mind experience. This awareness can come into my mind making complete sense on impact, or the lines can be blurred and a little vague, sometimes leaving days between the ‘aha’ and total awareness.

So here goes – awareness as it happens!

When I think of a newborn baby, I think of the purest form of God Mind being expressed through a human being. The heavenly glow is a powerful force, your physical eyes may or may not see its radiance, but its presence will reduce even the toughest never-shed-a-tear mortal to a mere puddle. You are witnessing Wholeness, Enlightenment, Illumination, Christ Consciousness, Atonement, Oneness, Awakened, ah, these words; bold, beautiful, wonderful, yet t-e-l-l-i-n-g words, incapable of showing the true experience of God Mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if we stayed whole? We don’t. I have written extensively about the programs buried deep in the unconscious and how these programs manipulate our lives, like strings on a marionette. Need a refresher? Go to the Main Menu and click on Lessons, scroll down to Undoing and click on Lesson 2, Saying something – doesn’t make it so!

I knew Savannah’s teachings from A Course in Miracles wasn’t ‘new thought’, it had been around since the 70’s, but as I perused Facebook and Twitter I kept reading ‘old ideas’ from my fellow Tweeters and it made me wonder, ‘How mainstream was the practice of real forgiveness?’

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists! A Course in Miracles

I was looking for students and teachers practicing real forgiveness on two major social media sites and not finding it. Here’s my new awareness! When I started diving into social media to promote my blog I got into it right away, sharing metaphysical banter with Neal Donald Walsh, Dr. Wayne Dyer and other notables, it was fun! Two weeks passed and boredom set in. Leaning back in my chair allowed the bigger picture to come into view; most everyone, and that included me was marketing their work or book, and not – vertical ascension and greater awareness. No! The # above ‘Followers’ seemed the targeted goal!

Message to self, ‘Stop marketing your blog, write from your heart in 140 characters or less!’ My numbers began building again but this time I didn’t care, something is not right. A new awareness is coming in, it’s blurry. I’ll wait. Stay tuned.

Two days later…
You created a world where marketing your blog became your purpose because you wanted recognition and financial success for what you had accomplished. Okay. So you visited the world of ego where Authors market their spiritual ideas. It is okay you stopped for a while, but you can’t stay. Ascension up the ladder of awareness and a return to Wholeness requires you continue your journey. Yes, it’s arduous and lonely at times, but a deeper awareness of God makes the journey worthwhile, agreed? In your current reality your ego fooled you into stopping for a moment; deep breath, find traction, and get moving again – nothing real exists here.

Okay, next!

Te quiero. Joey