A Course in Miracles says there are only two emotions, love and fear. Real love is built-in; a newborn infant is pure love. Yes that’s right; you and I were born 100% pure love. But fear, well, fear is learned. As the years go by we get further and further away from pure love and lean in the direction of fear until it rules our thinking.

PeacockI won’t repeat the previous lessons except to list their points of importance below:

1. Wishy-washy won’t cut it. Commitment only.

2. You’re way isn’t working. Surrender.

3. Your world is a reflection of your thoughts. Period.
(Check and see if you are nodding your head in agreement. Yes? Great – you are ready to do the work.)

4. Here’s your choice; ego or God.
(The first 3 lessons have given you a basic understanding of Undoing, but from my own teacher/student experience I know ‘showing’ is the best way to learn. Let’s take a look at the ego/wrong minded thoughts that confronted me as I became the observer of my world. Some are in-your-face confrontations and others are so subtle and cunning it will make you scratch your head in disbelief. However, they all count as ego – no matter how loud or quiet they show up.)

I whispered to Savannah, ‘See the man seated at the table by the window; he is being rude to the waitress. It makes me angry.’ Savannah turned to face me, ‘Forgive your ego/wrong mind thought Joey.’ A little indignant, I said, ‘But he is the one being rude!’ Savannah answered, ‘You are judging him and judgment is an ego/wrong minded thought. Yes, I know it’s subtle; the ego can be subtle, but it’s judging; which means you are judging yourself and it’s…’ I finished her sentence, ‘a forgiveness opportunity!’ She smiled, ‘Yes, forgive your thought of judgment.’ Putting her arm around me she pulled me close, ‘Joey, it’s not a big deal – it’s only the ego. Forgive and move on.’


I was invited to a social gathering by a friend; six to ten creative people in one room sharing drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and conversation. That was for me. I accepted. I met an interesting writer that evening and we had so much in common. She wanted my number as she was traveling and would call when location permitted. I never heard from her. For days I reviewed every detail of our conversation: What did I say or do that turned her off? What reason could I find for her rejection? How had I blown it? See what we do? Stop, I said to myself. Finally, I stepped back and observed my thoughts and forgave. My ego/wrong minded thoughts of ‘Unworthiness’ had lassoed me down to the ground. It was painful. Forgiveness healed my mind immediately.

Just two examples for now with more to come. Hey, send me yours and I will post them.

You do not have to learn love, earn love, or attain love, because love is always within you. If you’re not aware of love and projecting love, you must have forgiveness yet to do.

Te quiero. Joey

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