Out of work with only enough cash in the bank to finance the next 30 days? Trapped in a dead-end job or relationship and looking for the exit? Is the whole structure of your life crashing down and breaking apart, leaving nowhere left for you to hide? Your way isn’t working, right? And that’s why you’re here – you asked for help.

boyintentI’m happy you found me. Take a breath; you have come to the right place.


Let me be straight with you from the onset. This new way is not a spiritual quick fix or Band-Aid solution for your problems. I apologize for being so blunt but I want to be totally honest. If money, new job, or new relationship is your drug of choice, well, I am not selling that. Chances are they will be found along the way but it is not the reason for my blog. To be clear; this way is not about visualizing a different scenario, or putting positive thinking in place of negative, or sending out a better aura to magically change your current reality. These approaches no doubt have worked for others, but you will not find them practiced here. Okay, we good?

This new way will completely uproot the perceptions and beliefs you have about yourself. It will cause you to fret in the beginning, and you will second guess every lesson along the way, same thing happened to me. When I joined Savannah and Lauren, I felt like a little kid on my first day of preschool; leaving the comforting rituals of life at home for a new set of people and rules. Seeing the world as if I had never seen it before; the abstract concepts were shiny and brand new.

When Savannah would talk of the ego, it made it seem like it was foreign, separate from me; like I had been taken over by the ‘body snatchers’ or some ‘evil extraterrestrials’. It took a while for me to understand the ego is a state of mind and nothing to do with the body. So yes, I was nervous too and a little scared; with butterflies in the pit of my stomach. It really did feel like I was four again.

Be prepared! This curriculum is uncompromising, leaving no wiggle room and no opening for debate. There are no grey areas – it is black and white all the way. Read the lessons carefully, understand the lessons fully, practice the lessons always – that is all I ask of you. Here is your lesson for today regarding Commitment.

When you begin to soar in the opposite direction of your troubles and experience the real truth – don’t puff yourself up, sit back and gloat, or rest on your laurels. Let me repeat: This is not a spiritual quick fix or Band-Aid. If you stop practicing the lessons, I am sorry to say – you will be on your knees again!

Yes, this new way requires a total Commitment – forever! Oh, but it is so worth it.

(Recommendation: Read Writing: Murder…by 1,000 cuts! before moving to the next lesson)

Te quiero. Joey

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