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Jose Miguel is a young man from Barcelona who dreamed of becoming a writer since childhood. At eighteen years old he bravely walked the hallway toward the door that would lead him to Paris – his passion – and free him from the mental suffering at the hands of a controlling father.

His youthful dreams turned into nightmares when he found himself alone on the streets, where the dark shadows of the night and the torturous cries of the homeless would pierce his very soul, and cause him to lose faith and hope that tomorrow could safely come.

Savannah, an American woman, magically appears on his path, pulls him from the horror of his circumstances, and introduces him to the safety of the world within.

Read the book to find out what happens next for ‘Joey.’

The Ultimate Experience is equal parts travel diary and spiritual manifest. Patricia Hammond-Gonzalez takes you on a gripping journey of discovery and inspiration. She tells her story cleverly, applying the wise teaching to practical experience, all culminating in a incredibly satisfying full circle.



PATRICIA HAMMOND-GONZALEZ, an inspirational teacher and author shares her ‘tools for change’ in her new inspirational book ‘The Ultimate Experience.’ She tells her story cleverly, applying the wise teaching to practical experience, all culminating in an incredibly satisfying full circle.

Born in Spirit Lake Idaho, she’s number three of four daughters. As a child, she was a ballerina, a cowgirl, the winner of a beauty contest, and hula hoop contest. She was a member of 4-H who raised a calf that won third place at the fair. In high school, she won a creative writing contest, she was drill team leader, she loved music, dancing and singing, she was the ‘rebellious teenager’ who got into trouble a few times too. She was a Hairdresser, a Corporate Trainer, Project Manager, Marketing and Sales Operations Manager. She has been a wife twice; now to a musician, she loves traveling, and meeting new friends. Her family moved her to California when she was 18. She’s lived in London and now Spain. She is a mom to an adult daughter and her rescue Yorkie, Buddy. Her entire adult life has been as a spiritual traveler and she shares her lessons in whatever form manifests – groups, one-on-one, online chats, and books.

Patricia teaches through her heart. She knows the human path is a difficult one… she lives it. But she also knows of the ‘miracles’ awaiting each student who dares to walk a path of forgiveness.


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Patricia Hammond-Gonzalez’s first story won top honors in her high school’s writing competition. Her second story, The Ultimate Experience, began writing itself after she boldly walked away from a twenty-year corporate career to focus on a spiritual path.