I was never driven by curiosity to find answers to the deeper more complex questions regarding life and God; so much of my young life was reduced to surviving day to day, and nothing more.Reflection I was lucky I found my bottom when I did and was forced to surrender; shedding the old self that was anchoring me down, turned out to be my biggest blessing. Surrender means you are tired of being right about anything, and you recognize you need help.

I was adjusting to my new surroundings; I think the saying is, like a duck to water. The first lesson on Commitment was easy enough and when Savannah made her final point, ‘You are either in or you’re out’, I was in for sure. Next! Lesson 2 on Surrender, okay, but Lesson 3: Reflection; uh oh, my mind twisted like a pretzel as I labored to get its meaning. I do remember thinking, not daring enough to say it out loud, ‘What the **** is she talking about?’ I tried hard to disguise my confusion, taking notes as fast as I could to study later in the quiet solitude of my room, but Savannah knew, she always knew when I had wandered away from the present, stopping mid-sentence to ask, “You okay?” The next paragraph will bend and stretch your mind, take a deep breath, and allow Savannah’s words to take hold – and then let’s talk.

This is about the mind and the perceptions and beliefs that are stored there. Thoughts are difficult to quantify; they are not solid or tangible objects you can see with your eyes and touch with your hands. A thought is not a rock or a potato. However, thoughts do have a basis in reality and produce detectable causal effects in the physical world. When a belief takes hold in your mind, with absolute precision it is transformed into solid tangible objects – right before your eyes. Your belief in fear creates a world of loss, guilt creates a world of retribution, unworthiness creates a world of victimization, anger creates a world of negative encounters, and joy creates a world of happiness, and so it is.

My ‘aha’ moment came when Savannah’s words switched from a flatline sound effect to an interactive show piece; names and places from my past, something I could relate to, colored in the meaningless words and brought them to life. I felt my body straighten in the chair as I visualized my own real life scenario. If you have read my stories ‘About Joey’ then you know my struggles, and you know about Fabron, my friend from the streets. Savannah adjusted her gaze to be eye level with mine, and then laid it out in simple terms, and this is how it went.

Joey, your last day in Paris, you had a confrontation with Fabron, if you now see your ‘reflection in a mirror’, Fabron was really Joey; you. When he said, ‘Leave or be killed’, it was ‘you’ saying those words. Fabron is an illusion created by you – to reflect your thoughts and nothing more. Let’s put you on a different street in Paris, hmmm, the ‘Rue de la Paix’. This time you are strutting down the promenade; feeling good, pleased with yourself, and a flirty female stops you and says forthrightly, ‘You are so handsome!’ That is also your ‘reflection in a mirror’. Do you understand? It clicked! Yes Savannah, I get it. I see how Fabron was reflecting my thoughts back to me. I had been thinking for a while, if I didn’t leave the streets, I could die. I get it, I really get it!

You are merely gazing into a world reflecting the perceptions and beliefs from your own mind. The world you see is created by you through these perceptions and beliefs. You have made-up your world and everything in it, and you sustain this world through your repetitious thoughts about it. This is very good news. Why? Because now when you look at your world you can see the thoughts that need healing. Every perception and belief is brought to the surface and projected in the world – so you can look at it again. It is essential you look clearly at your mind, pull back the curtain – be brave and expose what is hiding there. My journal entry continues:

There is nothing outside of our mind! There are a million little things that happen to you throughout the day to distract you from this truth; the world is a reflection of your thoughts. When these little things happen, look no further than the tip of your nose for the answer – every answer. Touch the tip of your nose now. Whenever you need to be reminded: There is nothing outside of our mind! Touch your nose. It is always and only about you. Memorize this sentence: There is nothing outside of our mind!

Te quiero. Joey

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