As I see it, there are two very distinct directions offered to a spiritual traveler; vertical or horizontal. The typical linear path moves in a horizontal direction offering a plethora of choices; a bounty of metaphysical delights laid out on a table fit for a King and Queen. You move along this smorgasbord of promises, listening to each offering, ‘Just love yourself’ or ‘Repeat this mantra 500 times each day’ or ‘Eat healthy and Meditate’, until finally you find ‘the one’ and that’s where you stop. ascensionIt is a direction for sure and where, not all, but most metaphysical students begin their journey; the concepts make sense and are easy to understand. No judgment here – it is an honorable path. But! There is another direction. Hey brothers and sisters look-up! Just beyond the clouds – Enlightenment!

I am not here to say that there isn’t a minimal level of awareness found below the clouds. There is unquestionably life changing progress made when you ritually meditate or change from negative thinking to positive thinking, it’s true – I know it’s true.

Is there a burning desire for more? Do you want to know what lies beyond the clouds? It takes courage, probably more courage than you think you can handle. Bring tissue, you might get a nosebleed!

See the ladder to your left? It’s waiting for you. Are you ready?

What is occurring in your life right now is that your Awareness is growing – and now you are hearing its voice. Neal Donald Walsch

One step up and then another on this continuum of increasing Awareness will test your grit and perseverance; slaying the ego is not easy. Oh, did I forget to tell you? Sorry. Yes, getting to the top of the ladder and beyond the clouds demands one thing and one thing only – you must destroy the ego!

Here is an example of what you can expect…

Standing at the base of the ladder, you make a commitment to do the work; the ego gets a whiff of your intentions and throws a punch, knocking you down. You get up, nose bloodied and a little shaken, you are not deterred, no; you made a promise to yourself. You begin the work, this time a swift jab to the jaw, your teeth rattle from the blow, then a kick to your stomach, and while you’re bent over from the pain, a blow to the back of the neck. Ego fights dirty. It doesn’t want to die. But it must. You will see why as you get closer to the clouds. Oh yes, you will see. The ego’s assault weakens and becomes less violent, more subtle in nature, but no less challenging. A hair-trigger vigilance is required.

Ascending vertically, closing in on the clouds, you feel the intense light and unconditional love of God penetrating your heart; awareness experienced deeper than the days before. These are the signs of impending Enlightenment, and now you know why you fight to stay on this ‘Ladder of Awareness’ and why you tighten your grip so tight as not to fall off. You know deep down who is waiting for you – you know it is God!

Te quiero. Joey

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