An Experience; which is not of this world, is your only real proof your dream world does not exist. My weeks with my teachers taught me how to undo my ego thoughts, but I hadn’t a clue what Savannah meant when she said, “Glimpses of God’s light are Experiences, and the love that accompanies the Experience is felt deep in your heart. Then and only then, will you know for sure the difference between the dream world and the real world!”

PinochioObserving my thoughts, even the subtle less obvious ones and forgiving them became my focus 24/7. I wanted to know an Experience. I was lucky; my friends were by my side coaching me every step of the way.

My first Experience is still a vivid picture in my mind. Savannah, Lauren, and I ducked into a pub to avoid the sudden downpour outside. The delicious smells coming from behind the swinging doors to the kitchen reminded us we had missed lunch. While we were perusing the menu, a sweet gentle man stopped at our table to welcome us to Dublin. Mike pulled a beautiful old coin from his back pocket and offered it to Savannah as a gift. “Please take it as a sign av me gratitude. De love comin’ from yisser ‘eart ‘as made me day.” His gesture miraculously opened my heart and I had an Experience.

Like someone flipped a switch, the immediate four person conversation around a table in an Irish pub disappeared from view and I stepped into a world of pure light and love; amplified a thousand times more brilliant than the brightest sunlight. I knew without wondering – this was the real world of God. It lasted in minute’s maybe two, three tops, but it seemed longer. The difference between this Experience and a sleeping dream, I remembered it. Savannah urged me to write it down without haste, before it was lost she said. Yes, maybe some details have faded, but the feeling of God is still with me, and that is why I keep doing this work – it was beyond ‘magnifico’. When my mind came back to the table, I kept repeating over and over and over again, “It is true, my world is a dream.”

Savannah’s teachings from my journal.

Awareness is a belief, an understanding, a perception at the level of mind, not the level of behavior or anything from outside of us; mind only! Peeling away the layers is undoing the old perceptions and beliefs blocking the truth of God. When the undoing is successful; the surface layer falls away. Please don’t mistake the metaphoric peeling of an onion or peeling away the layers as anything to do with the body, it is not about the body. This peeling is of the mind only and reveals the first glimpse of truth; taking you to a new awareness. And this new awareness doesn’t totally invalidate the prior one, it was simply incomplete.


Your world has changed because of your willingness and commitment to do the work. We celebrate with you but we remain cautious. Why? Because we know the ego and so do you. You are never free from choice. It gets easier to recognize, but you are never completely free.

When I forgive my ego/wrong minded thought, a layer of ego falls away, and the light of God is exposed more and more. There is only one truth! Yes, and it is being revealed to me – Experience by Experience; deep level – by deeper level – by deeper level.

Embrace your current dream world, it is offering you a learning opportunity. Your ability to master certain lessons determines your length of stay in a particular dream. The way out of Dream A is to make a different choice; God/right mind and you move into Dream B. Awareness happens on many levels. You are still in ego, but on a new level of awareness; like stepping up to the next rung on the ladder.

Te quiero. Joey

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