Joey is fictional. He’s a character from Patricia’s book The Ultimate Experience.

And who is Patricia?

That’s me on the left. Hello-

I’ve played many roles; some minor some major over the course of my life. But Writer? Teacher? They feel natural; like gifts from heaven, extensions of the inner truth, the awakened me. I offer the aforementioned book, The Ultimate Experience and not all but most of the writings for this blog –, and the miracle of my holy relationship as proof. And by the way, my second manuscript is in the works…my love and I are still living it.

Let me share my brief story, as I remember it, on how and maybe why my path as a writer came to be.

2010 was the year. A forced hiatus (I was laid off from my job) was my chance to get on and stay on my spiritual path. This sounds strange I know but leaving that life behind was exciting and the returning passion for seeking out the unknown put fuel in my tank again. BUT…I didn’t know how long I had. So sleepless nights; my eyes were in a perpetual state of scratchy and my vision a little blurred, searching the internet, reading books, meditating, and talking to myself became my new normal.

Most of my adult life was clearly divided by two paths; spiritual or not. NOT was when life happened; bills, relationships, family, illness (not mine, others) sending my spiritual calling to the back of the line.

Not this time, I vowed.

During my hiatus I was guided to reread A Course in Miracles. ‘Ugh, really?’ I moaned to myself. It was a challenging read the first time around and I was feeling resistance. Oh well, I sucked it up and did it. It didn’t answer my original question – How may I serve? No. It was more profound than that. It changed my life! And set me on a path this ego-based human could never have imagined.

The force of love will change your life so fast that you will scarcely believe it! – Rhonda Byrne

Let me just state for the record – I was not a writer then or before. Oh, I had won a writing contest in English class years before…about the worm whose home was inside the apple William Tell was aiming to shoot off his son’s head. Very funny. Oh sorry, I digressed. So. When pages and pages of words flooded my consciousness on that day in 2010 I didn’t immediately know what to do with them.

Whoa…I should back up.

I read the Text of A Course in Miracles in a day. Maybe I skimmed a few pages ‘cuz I think that feat would be close to impossible. Then I focused my attention on the lessons and the practice of forgiveness; A Course in Miracles way of forgiveness, every day…all day. This went on for months. Then?

The actual date eludes me but I am recalling that very special day when the writer in me began to emerge. There I am hurrying to the computer to type all those words in precise order; exactly as they were being shown to me. I knew they would soon vaporize if I didn’t get them down quickly. The rush of feelings at the time fills my solar plexus with butterflies even now. I remember taking several deep breaths to calm myself so I could listen for the words more intently. When I say listen I don’t mean I heard words spoken, no, these words came as mental pictures and knowing(s). And there was an order to it all; first, the lessons, next, the characters, then, the storyline, and finally…the realization, IT’S A BOOK!

Huh? I’m not a writer.

Seriously. Those were my first words!

Life as Joey, the writer, has carved out a nice little niche for me. You could say I’ve found my sweet spot, my style. I’m comfortable when the words come to me now.

And what’s next?

I’ve been guided to write less, to let my writings speak for themselves, and to teach again. Teaching has been my thing; computer software in a corporate or nonprofit setting, meditation and chakra healing in a spiritual setting. I learn so I can share. It’s the nature of my life’s work and how I continue to serve the world.

Warm hugs and gratitude,

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