Dream world vs. Real world, hmmm, how do I explain the difference? How can I ‘show’ you with my writing the same gentle ‘kick’ or ‘aha’ moment I received from my teacher? After much thought, here is the trailer of my movie. Imagine the booming commentary of the voiceover artist; perfect inflection and tone, narrate the scene of my life – allow the images to fill your mind.

Thoughts of living in Paris reignite his passion for writing, and close the door on his mental suffering at the hands of a controlling father. The promise of dreams fulfilled quickly turns into a nightmare of survival on the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter. Boat Clutching the porcelain cup with both hands, he stares deep into its contents. Sadness overtakes his face as the metaphoric black hole reminds him of the wasted two years he spent lost in the underbelly of French society. Nervous and insecure his eyes avert downward to avoid making eye contact with Savannah, the American woman sitting directly across from him. Minutes tick by when without warning he is startled by the warmth coming from his heart; Savannah’s words of redemption and of hope reveal the sweet smile and boyish charm long hidden from the outside world, and magically, the troubled past of this young man begins to fade from view.

So there it is, a single paragraph summarizing the dream world I once inhabited. My character is placed in an unpredictable environment and must overcome several personal problems to leave it. Do you have questions? How does your character leave the dream world? By being reintroduced into the real world; which means I must ‘Wake up’! What exactly constitutes reality when the vivid recollections and experiences of the dream world are firmly planted in your mind? Good question!

Savannah’s words from my journal:

The alarm goes off every morning and you wake up. As you wake up, you understand the movie playing out as you slept was a dream. During your daytime hours you think you are awake walking through your world; it seems real, so real you can touch it! Here’s the truth. You are in a dream – and that makes you, the dreamer. All of your time, whether you are asleep or awake, is spent dreaming. If you can see this life as a dream, none of it is really happening, it’s all in your mind – you can begin to unravel it. This process is not about changing your world or your dream and making it more acceptable to you and everyone else; like ‘putting lipstick on a pig’! No. You need to wake up from the dream! When you understand your world is a dream it begins to collapse and fall apart. It is only your perceptions and beliefs- that make it real.

When I sat down on the chair in that Paris café I was a ghost of my former self; shoulders slumped from rejection with not an ounce of self-esteem left to be found. My one-dimensional focus on ‘poor me’ slithered away as I absorbed Savannah’s enthusiasm for life and adventure. I remember looking out the window and seeing the homeless youth I once called ‘mi familia’ huddled together under the street light on the corner; that life ending only hours earlier now so distant in my mind. I felt my shoulders straighten and a twinge of excitement stirred my passion; dare I hope for something better. When the lessons started a week later, I began to put the pieces together by reliving that night. Nothing physical can be attributed to moving from one world to the other; I remained seated in my chair during the entire café scene. There is only one conclusion I can make; from desperation to hope, from dream world to real world awareness – change is a thought, just a simple thought.

Joey, the lesson on surrender exposes the unconscious mind and the programs stored there; however this acknowledgment puts the burden squarely on your shoulders now. Are you willing to look at the perceptions and beliefs in the unconscious mind and recognize the unreality of the dream world? Unless this is done, the force of unconscious negative emotions such as; fear, guilt and the like will continue to suck you into a dream world, and prevent you from experiencing the real world of God.

Te quiero. Joey

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