What follows is an attempt to compile a list of terms to enhance your understanding of the lessons. The list will grow as I add new posts to my blog.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the memory of God. The Holy Spirit is the Voice for God. The Holy Spirit knows everything. It’s outside of time and space, yet able to communicate with us.Reading TreeThink of The Holy Spirit as the most advanced GPS ever built. It knows all, always present and perfectly accurate. With a map of the entire earth pre-loaded, it knows exactly where you are and never ever loses the signal from God. The Holy Spirit tells you what you need to do to get from wherever you are to the final destination – in the most optimal way. The Holy Spirit gives guidance and help but not of this physical world. For example, The Holy Spirit does not manifest a parking place for you, but may inspire you, where one might be found.

The Fullness of God

We appear to be separate individuals walking a personal path; however, in truth, we are all the same. We were created in The Fullness of God, and beneath the ego layers of illusion; we are all holographic images of God.

The Observer

Forgiveness requires a neutral and unbiased witness to your state of mind. This witness is also known as The Observer. The Observer is able to stand-back from the chatter of the ego mind, observe each thought as it crosses, make the life-changing decision to accept responsibility for the thought, and forgive.

An Experience

PeacockAn Experience is required as proof ‘My world does not exist!’ otherwise, the beautiful words with their reasonable meanings would lay empty and forgotten. An Experience is a glimpse of God when the undoing of the ego thought system has been successful and the truth is allowed a clear pathway to the surface of your mind. It is in that moment of clarity when you will Experience what is real: ‘I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.’ A Course in Miracles

The ‘AHA’ Moment

The ‘AHA’ Moment is a recognition of Spirit. A connection to what is already known but buried deep by our ego perceptions and beliefs; like the clouds that cover the warm bright light of the Sun. It’s a re-connection to the God chip within.