I have been trying for days to write something on ‘How may I serve?’ and every idea, and there were plenty, laid flat and listless, shallow and empty, like they were cut and pasted just to fill up space. Young JoeyBeating myself to a pulp for fear of not meeting my goal; one writing a week for my blog, was stupid I know, but I couldn’t seem to stop the pressure from taking up residence in my mind. I meandered around the Internet, maybe a word or a phrase would inspire me, you know ‘get my juices flowing’ – it didn’t happen. I got up from the computer, lay down on my bed, and closed my eyes to escape the mind-numbing chore – enough already!

You know, the world is full of senseless noise; gun shots, screams, and explosions from TV; logging in, checking in, and typing in from social media; dogs barking, tires squealing, and people talking from a simple walk in the park. I have something more important to do and I am wasting precious time – shush!

I didn’t have to go far, I just closed my eyes, and let things get quiet. Alone felt good. The emergence of putting words on paper to meet an ego/wrong minded goal, I noticed was beginning to fade, and well that felt even better. And that’s when they began to flow – words, beautiful, full-throated, and straight from my heart – meaningful words. I was tempted to jump up and begin to type but I didn’t, I just listened.

How had I forgotten? Inspiration is found ‘in’ not ‘out’. How did I get sucked into the noise of the world – again? Oh, it doesn’t matter now. Does it? No, not really.

Look ‘in’ to be inspired. Gather your energy ‘inward’ to find peace.

In Search of Inspiration – by Sneha Murali

searching the world for inspiration
searching books, music and nature too
a lot of effort gone into it, a lot of concentration
inspiration I think is hard to find

in the songs of birds, in the whistle of the wind
I search for inspiration, even a tiny little bit
when a baby laughed or when a woman grinned
I searched for inspiration, guess it’s harder to find

in the words of Shelly, Keats and Shakespeare too
inspiration I searched and searched, no use
in ‘Gone with the Wind’ and ‘The Sound of Music’
movies I searched for a bit of inspiration
without inspiration, what do I write?

I wanna fill the pages with the poem that’s right
I need to write a poem, I need inspiration
I wanna write a poem, wait a minute! I just did!

Te quiero. Joey

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Last Modified: November 24, 2013