Lesson 3 – Undoing

This post is part of a series of lessons taken from the pages of a well-worn and treasured keepsake, my journal. One fateful night, while homeless on the streets of Paris I met my teacher, Savannah, who turned me in the direction of the life I ought to be living. As I fought to find my footing with her teachings, I did what all writers’ do, I wrote them down, and now I am sharing them with you. Each lesson is designed to build on the next, take time to catch your breath; the pace is up to you.

Undoing the ego is the idea!

Stand back and observe your own behavior. Really pay attention to every thought that finds its way into your mind.

Puzzle LadyLet me set the scene with a real life scenario. John is the name of our character and soon he will be in a verbal tussle with a jealous boyfriend. This practical approach to ‘showing’ the lesson puts you there, in the room, a fly-on-the-wall. I know a confrontation between two men in a bar on any given night might not pique your interest but as the observer I want you to focus on our man, John, and watch his internal monologue acting out and projecting in the world.

The neighborhood bar is our character’s destination on this particular Friday night. John and a couple of friends are gathering to shake off the craziness that surrounded them during the past work week. ‘Keeping it real over a beer or two,’ was the stated goal and the local ‘Joint’ is just the place for that. Its classic no-frills, rough around the edges vibe makes it a cool place to hang-out, and our ‘no pretense’ group of friends like unwinding there.

He doesn’t see her approach but he knows the signs; her body pressing against his, rubbing up and down his back, it’s obvious what’s going on here. Her come-on moves and overpowering perfume is an instant turn-off for him, however, she does succeed in getting his attention. He pivots on the vinyl covered bar stool to take a look at his seductress. Uh oh, that was a mistake.

He’s a young pleasant sort of guy and he gets more than his share of adoration from the girls; it’s all good, but not her and not tonight, he’s with his friends. Too late, her boyfriend has noticed him looking at her, and he makes a beeline to the bar to straighten him out. The face-to-face finger jabbing confrontation is not one-sided – he gets in his shots. He wasn’t looking for it but it happened; like many times before, a jealous guy accusing him of making a move on his girl – different faces maybe but the sequence of events are the same. He tries to brush it off but it has spoiled his night.

Savannah’s teaching from my journal:

This lesson is on training your mind to focus from outward to inward; ego or God and it is up to you to understand the difference between the two minds. The ‘Wrong Mind’ is the ‘ego’ and thoughts of fear, guilt, and I am separate from you. The ‘Right Mind’ is ‘God’ and the thoughts of unconditional love, compassion, and we are all one.


It is either ego or God; there is no sitting on the fence, straddling the middle, or idling in neutral. You are either/or, this or that, one way or another. Even when you say, ‘I need to think about this’ – you are choosing. If you feel the need to analyze – you are choosing. This is very important: There is no middle position, you are in ego/wrong mind or you are in God/right mind!

John was in ego/wrong mind when he walked in the bar. As you learned from the previous lessons on Reflection; the world you see is a reflection in a mirror of your thoughts and nothing more. That being true – John created this confrontation. He walked in the bar with a belief, ‘All the women are attracted to me and all the men are jealous of me!’

As an ego, he would undoubtedly deny his unconscious ego/wrong minded thoughts. Why? Well, if the fingers are pointed elsewhere, he’s blaming others, and he doesn’t have to take responsibility. It’s the egos way to project the anger or guilt toward the outside world. ‘The jealous boyfriend was wrong – I didn’t do anything!’ If John stood back and observed the confrontation, he would see an opportunity to choose again – God instead of ego.

You and I are flies-on-the-wall and we have just witnessed the encounter between John and the jealous boyfriend. Ask me a question. Okay, how does John choose again? Is there a switch he can flip on or off? Well yes, as a matter of fact, forgiveness will flip the ego switch to ‘off’! Hmmm, forgiveness, ‘Okay Mr. Jealous Guy, you are a jerk and I’m not, so I will forgive you?’ Is that what you are saying by forgiveness? That was funny. Not exactly, this way is not about forgiving another body, which is the ego’s way of forgiveness, no, this way is about undoing the ego/wrong mind or old programs named perceptions and beliefs. Undoing? When the old program surfaces from the depths of the unconscious mind it’s an opportunity to observe and forgive the ego/wrong minded thought. There is no one to forgive! Only ego blames another. It’s just you and your thought – me and my thought – or John and his thought. Forgive, and that is it! Wow! Yes, WOW is a good word for this lesson.

I was the young man in the bar, except it was a pub in Dublin and yes; the angry scenario was exactly as it happened to me. Savannah took this opportunity to show me why it happened and what I needed to do to stop it from happening again.

The jealous guy doesn’t really exist, he’s an illusion, a projection – he is you. You are forgiving the ego/wrong mind thought that created the projection of the jealous guy. When you committed to this process you became ‘The Observer’ and it is time to see your world in terms of ego/wrong mind or God/right mind. Remember Joey, there is no other choice.

She introduced me to real forgiveness and the following quote is always on my lips. Undoing the ego remains the cornerstone of what this way is all about. Observing our perceptions and beliefs is quite a challenge; who wants to own up to shame, guilt, jealousy, greed, and anger? Most don’t and most choose not to. Let me be the first to say ‘thank-you’ for choosing God. I know it’s tough but I am here cheering you on. It does get easier, really it does, and when the truth and light of God is revealed, one Experience at a time – and the impossible becomes possible again, you will be thanking yourself.

When a forgiveness opportunity presents itself, take a deep breath, wait sixty seconds, observe your ego/wrong mind thought, be happy the ego has been exposed; ask the Holy Spirit to be present and forgive.

Te quiero. Joey