Lesson 2 – Undoing

This post is part of a series of lessons taken from the pages of a well-worn and treasured keepsake, my journal. One fateful night, while homeless on the streets of Paris I met my teacher, Savannah, who turned me in the direction of the life I ought to be living. As I fought to find my footing with her teachings, I did what all writers’ do, I wrote them down, and now I am sharing them with you. Each lesson is designed to build on the next, take time to catch your breath; the pace is up to you.

Saying something – doesn’t make it so!

I am a money magnet! Saying these words over and over and over again, loudly and with feeling 100 times or more – doesn’t make it so! Just memorized words, one following the other, hollow in meaning, sound waves reverberating off ear drums, and nothing more.

IcebergAs human beings living in a three-dimensional world, each of us is aware of what we see with our eyes, feel with our touch, hear with our ears, and smell with our nose. Most of us are not aware of the world of the Mind; like an iceberg, the small visible part, one-tenth to be exact and literally the tip of the iceberg – is our consciousness. The whopping nine-tenths of its ginormous volume, unnoticed, and lurking below the surface – is our unconscious.

‘Why should I care about something I can’t see?’ or ‘If it’s not in-my-face, it’s not important, right?’ No, it is important – very important! It is the Mind below the surface that creates – what’s in-your-face! So true! Maybe a computer analogy will help explain what I mean.

The Operating System is a powerful and usually large program that controls and manages the hardware on a computer – Windows is a good example. A Hard Drive is the place on a computer where all the Programs are stored. A Program is a list of instructions that tell a computer what to do. For this lesson, imagine the Mind is the Operating System – from which all Programs emanate. Important: The Mind is nothing to do with the brain!

Okay? Let’s move on.

Birth, slap on the butt, first breath, Hard Drive boots, and away you go. Well-meaning parents, teachers, peers, religious leaders, neighbors, actors in the family’s scheduled TV shows – unwittingly, format ‘Your’ personal Hard Drive, installing Programs; mirror images to their own, as you mature from infant to adult.

These Programs come with titles: Perceptions & Beliefs and subtitles: guilt, fear, unworthiness, anger, etc. Again, these Perceptions & Beliefs are not born – they are learned!

Unlike a computer, ‘You’ cannot be replaced with a newer faster sleeker model when your Hard Drive is full. In other words, when your Hard Drive is full the ‘You’ has been defined, the Perceptions & Beliefs have taken hold in your Mind, and now when you walk down the street you accept what you see through your physical eyes to be reality, when really it is only your Perceptions & Beliefs of the world based on the Programs installed. Your version of reality is only your Perceptions & Beliefs of it – not what is so. Once the belief is installed in the Mind and you accept it as truth, it is run as an unconscious Program.

The Programs above the surface of your Mind consist of only 10% of your Operating System. The Programs below aren’t just a minor glitch in your Operating System – it is 90% of your system! This is where repressed dreams, denied desires, and long-forgotten memories of personality forming experiences are held, yet, the attention we give to understanding this mysterious and secretive world – is laughable. Our negligence creates a world of ‘same’ behavior – no matter the circumstances; new job, new town, new home – no matter. A new relationship feels so wonderful in the beginning; so much better than the last one. Oh yes, but it turns too, just like the last one after a while. Why?

It’s time to go back to the mantra, ‘I am a money magnet’. There is a program down in the murky waters of the unconscious that has a mantra playing on a loop, and firmly entrenched as a belief, ‘I am unworthy’ and nothing else can get through. Yes, ‘nothing else can get through – even if you say it 500 times.’ Here’s a suggestion to emphasize my point. Hold your hands out in front of you with palms up – the left hand holds the mantra ‘I am a money magnet’ and the right hand holds the mantra ‘I am unworthy’. Feel the weight, 10% in the left and 90% in the right, who is going to win that battle? Maybe now is a good time to clean out the Hard Drive and drag the old Programs to the trash. What do you think?

If you haven’t read my story, I would like to suggest you go back to ‘About Joey’ and read how a homeless drug addicted teen found a new way forward. Let me say, it didn’t happen by repeating over and over again, ‘Life is good, life is good.’ No, I had to fall to my knees and ask for help first; be humble and be the student. Grab hold of my hand. You help me – I help you. Let’s learn together. I hear you saying ‘Yes!’ Go to my ‘Welcome’ page and click on the next lesson. ‘Es el momento de seguir adelante.’ (It is time to move forward.)

Te quiero. Joey