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The future is unknowable – the past is fading – leaving only present moments to hold close. I approach each of these moments with the best of intentions. The content of my blog are moments I captured in words because I am a writer and because I am a student of A Course in Miracles. I am not now and never have been a spokesperson for A Course in Miracles. My writings are my own interpretation of its core message. This is very important – It is my interpretation only.

In addition, the contents of this site are not to be construed as mental health advice or treatment for a mental health diagnosis. I am not a mental health professional. Please seek the help of a professional if you are in crisis.

Reading my writings and/or applying the lessons on this site means you understand completely and agree with the above statements.

And finally, my blog is not intended to replace the path we all are called to follow, nor is it a substitute for A Course in Miracles.

Thank you. Joey