Are you motivated for change? Let me ask it another way. Do you love what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with?

Blueprint of LoveMany years ago, I felt a stirring from within. I now know it was the perfect time for a dormant passion to begin to awaken. It set me on a path of personal growth. I started reading self-help, spiritual, and personal growth books. I attended retreats hosted by well-known spiritual authors, and dove head first into many practices; like meditation and astrology. I felt this wind at my back for 25+ years until one day, a knowing; my wanderings were no longer necessary.

Finally. Peace. It seems I had unlocked the code and found the blueprint to L-O-V-E! But not just in my intimate relationship. I found it in my career, my friendships, with strangers. Everywhere I turned…LOVE appeared. I didn’t know LOVE was awakening from within those 25 years ago…now I understand. It felt like a MIRACLE.

My life had no direction and I had become hopelessly depressed. I wrote a letter to myself asking for help and the next thing you know Patricia and I connected. She taught me a new way and the miracles soon followed. It’s hard to put my gratitude into many words. How about just one – Gracias Ramon

It doesn’t have to take 25 years. There’s no way of knowing how long it will take for you but a few months is possible. Again the question. Are you motivated for change? I am offering you the tools to begin now.

All you need is focus and commitment and Me. You can call me your Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Muse, Advisor, Guide…whatever you want. I will give you the tools. Help you stay focused and on track. BUT…and most important of all – HELP KEEP YOU THERE.

Sometimes I just feel stuck. I never realized the value in hearing myself talk. Patricia listens without judgment and then ‘bam’ hits me with her wisdom. Where does that come from I ask her? She’s truly amazing. JoEllen

Everyone needs someone who will listen. Someone who has the wisdom to guide without judgment. And someone who gets results. If we move together in the direction of results, I believe success is inevitable. But it’s not the end game. Staying there and not falling back into old patterns is always the end game.

Let me teach you what I have learned. It is my Purpose and how I Serve the world.

Go to ‘One-on-One Counseling’, fill out the contact form, and click on submit. That’s it. Someone from my team will get back to you immediately.

See you soon,

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