In the beginning you will study my words, analyze the concepts and contemplate the path ahead; however, you will not find awareness through intellectual mastery of this material. This way is not about believing what I say to be true – Truth cannot be explained in words.

Bird with FishIf I asked you, “What is your Truth?” Would you say, “I haven’t the slightest idea?”

Your Truth is the same as mine but there are no words I know of that fit the experience. How do you explain to your landlocked friends the rush you feel when you are free-falling through the sky before the parachute opens – impossible, right? The awareness of Truth is the ultimate ‘aha’ moment and mere words could never do it justice. Savannah, my teacher, taught me a step-by-step process, and assured me, if I stayed commited and lived the lessons, the Truth would be revealed. It was – almost immediately. Are you ready for your Truth? I’m putting Savannah’s process out there, on my blog, to share with whoever stops by my little corner of the Internet. It’s up to you to embrace it or not. I am hopeful you will.

Let me explain how to navigate the terrain. There are five levels of awareness and each level has multiple lessons; with one building off the other. If lesson one fails to solicit a sudden understanding, lesson two is queued-up and ready; same lesson just presented from another side for better clarity. Surrender has two lessons attached. As I studied this process I experienced Surrender on many different levels of awareness, each deeper than the other. By now you know writing is my thing – so I wrote each experience down and ‘voila’ my journal filled up with inspired moments, and it gives me great pleasure to share them with you.

You will read concepts that may not make sense to your logical mind, concepts that will challenge your understanding of the world; ambiguity will abound in the beginning, I know because it did for me. Take it slow. I have highlighted the Levels of Awareness below.

Declaration: My way isn’t working. Solution = Commitment

Realization: There is another way. Solution = Surrender

Contemplation: What is Truth? Solution = Reflection

Activation: Living, breathing, owning the work. Solution = Undoing

Ascension: Rising out of illusion and into the light. Solution = Experience

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. Galileo

Estás listo para comenzar? (Are you ready to begin?) Bueno! Read the lessons, do the work, and trust the Truth will unfold.

(Many of the words above this sentence are the same words Savannah said to me in the early days of our adventure. With a smile she also added this caveat – Permission granted to rebel, yell, and fail! It’s okay – do your thing! This way is hard, really hard, and I understand the urge to resist – but start again, please, for your own sake, you won’t regret it.)

Te quiero. Joey

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