Listen. Can you hear it? The music. I can hear it everywhere, in the wind – in the air – in the light. It’s all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up. All you have to do is – listen! (An excerpt from the movie, August Rush)

Lion and mouseAugust is here already. So much has happened in my life. I am most blown away by how big my world has become. I took a walk through the neighborhood today and everyone I met along the way said or smiled hello. The local Barista said, ‘It’s on us today.’ You know when I walk out into life with an open heart and mind – the world offers itself to me. No one is a stranger. People I have never met feel like family.

You can’t fake an open heart and mind, oh no; it has to be genuine, sincere. Thoughts are the key. While I was homeless in Paris, I would walk in a cafe and ask for coffee; playing up my youthful swagger and Spanish ‘bravata’ without blinking an eye, while seething with anger and despising anyone who came near. If the answer was yes, and sometimes it was, I walked away believing my acting out worked. It didn’t, no; it was judgment and pity that filled my cup.

I don’t know why I was chosen to do this work; it’s not for the faint of heart. I knew about my charisma and my charm but I never saw myself with the determination and the perseverance to hang in there like I have. Days like today, the genuine kindness and love coming from total strangers, remind me why I continue climbing this ladder of awareness; the world gets bigger the higher I go and what seemed impossible lower down – looks possible now.

The music ‘is’ all around me, but only as a response to what’s within me, truly and sincerely within me. When I said to Savannah, ‘Bring it on!’ with my smart ass cockiness, I really didn’t mean ‘Bring it ‘all’ on!’ I laugh at the thought. It’s true, I didn’t know every thought would surface and smack me alongside the head like it did. But it has, thank God! I needed to look straight on at every belief and every judgment because it has the power to dictate how my world shows up. So it’s absolutely essential that I look clearly at every thought when it comes to the surface, leaving nothing behind.

I decided in those early days to not be afraid of my thoughts, to allow them their space because every thought is important on its own, and deserves my forgiveness. And you know, forgiveness works – it really works! Oh there’s nothing better than walking down the street knowing genuine love and kindness is smiling back!

Begin the lessons today, please. August 1st is the perfect time to start undoing old perceptions and beliefs. If you aren’t sure – time to take an honest look around!

Te quiero. Joey