What is a Miracle?

A Miracle is when a correction of the Mind has been made through the act of Forgiveness. The undoing of an ego/wrong mind perception or belief allows the pure light and love of God a pathway to burst through, which sets in motion a shift,Polar Bear the ‘aha’ moment where Truth replaces the illusion. It is also possible to have an inner vision on your mental screen; a stepping up to the next rung on the Ladder of Awareness. It is a unique and life altering Experience for the Forgiver.

Have you ever come in contact with someone who you knew was at the top of the ladder? It was a question that came up during our adventure because of Lauren’s incredible ‘aha’ moment.

Lauren was buying my birthday cake at the local bakery in Athens when it happened. As she walked the three blocks to the bakery she was thinking about the little details; flavor, color, twenty individual candles or a two and a zero, you know – details. She remembered wondering, ‘What message should be on the cake; traditional, simple or silly?’

Here are the words from my journal:

When she walked through the door of the bakery she heard a bell above the door ring; like announcing her entrance into the shop kind of ring. She specifically remembered the bell ringing because it coincided with the drab ‘four walls and a counter’ room’s miraculous transformation. She smelled the sweet smell of bakery goods but beyond that, the now wall-less room was illuminated with a heavenly glow, and spilling out of the glow was an intense feeling of unconditional love. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she stood in its Presence.

Lauren’s Experience in the bakery affected her deeply, the tears flowed whenever she spoke; a box of tissues was her constant companion. She understood her heart opened when she thought of her love for me and the loving words she chose to put on my cake, but she couldn’t understand her endless tears, so she asked, and this is the message she received from the Holy Spirit a few days later.

From my journal:

God’s love is our natural state but during our lives we bury God and allow the ego’s hate to dominate our world. The strength of God’s power all day everyday would be too much for us to withstand; that is why it comes to us in small doses, and that is why, when it comes, it brings a strong reaction.

She was satisfied with that answer; it made sense to us all. But I still wonder, ‘Is there anyone who has soared to the top of the ladder in one swift ascent while still in the body? It is a curious question.

Meanwhile, I am happy and content to be headed in a vertical direction, even if it is – one rung at a time.

Te quiero. Joey

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Last Modified: November 24, 2013