My name is Jose Miguel but my friends call me ‘Joey’. I am a writer. There I said it. And it feels so good to say it out loud. Why? Well, I fell in a few potholes along the road to here; seems I needed a swift kick in the pants first, and some lessons on the subject I would write about, second. But I’m here now and so are you. Gracias! Get comfortable. Ease into it, okay? My story begins below and it’s a great place to start.

RoadWhen I arrived in Paris at eighteen I was walking on air. It seemed I had made the best decision of my life. Within the first week I got a job and fell in love with a beautiful girl. I knew my life would be full of romance and inspiration; writing novel after novel about my adventures and explorations. I felt like a king in a vast empire of opportunity. But just as quickly as I assembled the pieces of my new life, one by one, they began to fall apart and I fell deep into a hole of despair and pain.

As I grew to accept my circumstances, I met a number of others, like me, and for a time, they became mi familia. We would steal, cheat, and lie and at the end of each day we would share our food and our vices. For two years, I had been street-sharpened, yet dumbed-down and numbed by the combination of drugs and violence.

The fluttering butterflies of excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead had been replaced with pangs of hunger. A dispassionate gaze into a shop window would catch sight of a blurred image; that of a young man who had reached the end of his will. That grimy nondescript body called Joey, blue eyes as empty as his dreams, had become unrecognizable to me. I believed I amounted to nothing, and it appeared I was correct. I would have yelled out for help, but there was no one there to hear me.

And then…

(The following quote was taken from the pages of the groundbreaking book The Ultimate Experience. Joey, a twenty year old Spaniard is speaking to Savannah, an American woman; he met while desperate and homeless on the streets of Paris.)

This is very bold to ask, but would it be okay for me to join you and your friend Lauren? I want to go home to Barcelona, to my father’s house, but first I must learn a new way, and I think you will show me this new way!

My hopelessness ended that night. On my knees, I gave up and surrendered to a power beyond my sight, and allowed the adventure of a lifetime to begin – and it continues to this day.

I am stepping out from the pages of the book The Ultimate Experience and bringing a whole new kind of storytelling to the world. I’m not a storybook hero; no Superman or Robin Hood – no Harry Potter either. Just a single student created to represent an amalgamation of students everywhere in the world; no matter the gender, the age, or the culture; each of us knows the dull ache of loneliness, unworthiness, and fear – and the burning desire for something better. You don’t have to be homeless to know desperation – or down on your knees to ask for help.

If you have come to read my writings – enjoy – but if you have stumbled across this blog because you are on a search for a new way to be in the world – take a deep breath and begin. You will want to look over the lesson plan below and follow the lessons in the order they are presented. Little by little, lesson by lesson, I offer you a new way to live your life, a whole new awareness; where the mind rules, the body is an illusion, and the physical world is a dream.

Say ‘adios’ to desperation and ‘hola’ to purpose.

The power of social media has given me so many options – the possibilities are mind-blowing. ‘If you build it, he will come.’ So here it is my blog, and my way of spreading the word. I am a writer with something to share, and not even grey clouds overhead can cast a shadow on the gratitude I am feeling right now.

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Te quiero. Joey